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checklist for functional assesment

Functional Assessments

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We use Vineland, ATEC, and one-on-one therapy modules as assessment tools. Applied in an encouraging and open environment, our assessments provide an accurate and nuanced picture that will help us help you. 

Our assessments often reveal related difficulties in a child or teen that even parents never realized had a connection. Newly armed with the insider knowledge of our detailed assessments, we can then map out a strategy to address and focus on our main goal- your child’s success and increased positive behaviors.

Relationship of one on one therapist and child

One on One Therapy

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Empirian hand picks and trains all our RBTs (Registered
Behavior Technicians) in one on one therapy strategies. A child’s social, emotional, or behavioral challenges are addressed through laser-focused sessions with professional and compassionate instruction. A constructive working relationship develops between the child and therapist in this type of targeted setting.

Experience has proven the enhanced self-confidence and shared-goal of our one on one therapy sessions yield positive results and benefits.

Girls and boys social group

Social Groups

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Your child can and will develop the needed foundation to successfully integrate with peers. We organize our group’s social settings according to age and goal levels, to reap the most progress from the role-play and associative skills our therapists initiate. 

Some of the skills our social groups address:

  • Maintaining reciprocal conversations
  • Showing interest in others’ stories and remaining attentive
  • Allowing others their turn to speak and play
  • Understanding social cues, such as body language, body orientation, maintaining eye contact and proper voice modulation

Discovering how to be better friends and make new ones are the priceless lessons gained.

Guide for parents and mentorship

Parent Training and Mentoring

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In our parent training program, we communicate all strategies and goals in an easy-to-use guide so parents can adapt to our strategies at home. We share our charts and teach through role-play scenarios to effectively show parents the techniques that are working best with their child.

Sibling pair gets trained

Sibling and Peer Training

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Our therapists are trained to address the whole child and every relationship he or she has. Many siblings who live with a struggling child have their own feelings of resentment about the amount of parental attention that is so often taken away from them. We designed our sibling program with an array of fun activities in a supportive group setting. The common goals are met through a sharing of feelings and strategies with others in the same position. Everyone emerges with a better understanding of themselves and their loved ones.

You’re probably wondering
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Empirian accepts:

  • Most major insurance out-of-network plans 
  • Private pay schedules

For more details, please call 732-800-0053. We are always here to help.

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