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My child could be described as…

The Rigid Routinist

Girl standing rigidly. feet on grass head in clouds
“Do it my way…or else!”

The Worrywart

Girl on grass, tears of worry coming from eye
“I can’t! I don’t know how!”

The Defiant Child

Boy standing defiantly with arms crossed
“I won’t listen to anything you say!”

Does this sound familiar?

Worried about continually pushing your child to get past the anxiety that hinders his success?

Frustrated by the amount of time and money spent on tutors, social workers and outside resources that don’t seem to be helping?

Sad that your child is not fitting in socially, no matter how much you try to direct?

There is something
deeper going on!

The professionals at Empirian are here to help unravel your child’s core problems. We’ll remove the stumbling blocks—those behaviors and guards that act as protection for what’s really going on. Change is possible.

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”You will not find a team anywhere that has Empirian’s equal mix of warm-but-tough. They are super dedicated! Thank You!”


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”I had tried everything for my son’s ADHD, and I was exhausted. But the Empirian team has gone above and beyond and got the results we needed! They are tenacious in their passion to help, and I am truly grateful!”


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”My daughter was completely ’in a funk’ and nothing we did helped. Until we hired Empirian. The care and professionalism from Chana Malka got to the bottom of our daughter's struggle, and brought our Charny back to life!”


Experience Empirian. A top-tier team of qualified, hand-picked ABA therapists.

Every facet of your child’s progress will be supervised by a dedicated and understanding professional who can relate to what your child is going through, and how to help. Here you’ll find the answers you are searching for. You’ll experience a truly personalized strategy for the changes you wish to see. Every child can succeed. Every child deserves the chance.

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The Rigid Routinist

Think your child may be a Rigid Routinist? Do the below points sound familiar:

  • You find yourself tiptoeing around her, and often restructuring your day or changing your plans to accommodate her “needs.”
  • She is controlling, or rigid. People say she is bossy and may
    even call her a tyrant.
  • Changes put her in a tailspin. She requires that her routines or
    daily schedule must go EXACTLY as planned, and if not she has a meltdown.
Girl on grass, tears of worry coming from eye

The Worrywart

Think your child may be a Worrywart? Do the below points sound familiar:

  • You find yourself saying ”calm down.” A LOT. She cries easily and seems nervous and fidgety quite often.
  • She has repetitive, anxious thoughts, and creates scenarios and obstacles that are products of her “alarm mode” thinking habits.
  • She seems lonely as she inhabits her own little world and can be clingy and fearful, especially in social settings.
Boy standing defiantly with arms crossed

The Defiant Child

Think your child may be a Defiant Child? Do the below points sound familiar:

  • You find yourself constantly arguing with your child about rules or explaining why they aren’t unreasonable. Sometimes he point-blank refuses to listen to requests made by adults.
  • He deliberately annoys others or picks fights, and blames others for his mistakes or behavior.
  • He’s impulsive and loses his temper often and easily,

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